Exploradores Glacier Ice Trekking

Exploradores Glacier Ice Trekking


On the west road from Puerto Río Tranquilo lies the Exploradores valley. The road passes through its extraordinary beauty and impressive waterfalls, glaciers, lakes and mighty rivers until it reaches the highest peak in Patagonia: the majestic Monte San Valentín, which marks the beginning of Northern Ice Field.

The walk begins at Km 51, plunging through thick evergreen woodland that leads to the glacier’s frontal moraine. We continue between small lakes and rocks dragged by the action of the glacier until we reach the first formations of clean ice.

We will visit caves, crevasses and formations sculpted by wind and water erosion, all of which define the ever changing shape the Exploradores Glacier. It will be a six hour roundtrip with rest stops, photo opportunities and time to enjoy this wonderful icy experience.


Season: All year*

Duration: 9 hours approximately

Trekking duration: 6 hours approximately

Departures: Daily*

Validity expires: 2017-2018

Intensity: medium

Minimum: 2 people

* Subject to weather conditions



Transport from Puerto Río Tranquilo

Certified Guide

Ticket entrance Laguna San Rafael National Park

Personal equipment: crampons, gaiters, helmet and windcoat

VHF radio and Satelital phone

Rescue equipment

First aid kit


*vegetarian option 




Life Insurance


The region of Aysén and a big part of Patagonia has a changing weather, so it is very common to have a shiny day and then a rainy afternoon. For that reason, we recommend you to be prepare. There are two different kinds of predominant weather: the oceanic rainy weather in the cost, archipielagos and fiords; and the cold steppe-like weather of the east, with few precipitations and low temperatures. It is necessary to have a good equipment and clothes to face this weather conditions.


It is very important to bring and wear adecuate clothes to do outdoor activities. The weather in Patagonia is very inestable and good clothing will ensure your security and will bring you confort to make this experience one that you will never forget.

For this kind of activity we recommend you to use layers. This method will keep you warm and dry without changing clothes. Basically, you use three layers of clothing with different characteristics of insulation:

Inner layer. Made with synthetic materials, the purpose of the inner layer is to draw the sweat away from the skin to the next layers, making you feel warmer. You can find t-shirts and long pants in polyester and microfiber that provides comfort by keeping the skin dry.

Mid layer. Provides warmth. It is needed in cold weather to provide additional insulation. There are clothes made of fleece, wool and polyester.

Shell layer. The shell layer is breathable but must block wind or water at the same time to protect you. You can use plastic raincoast or Gore-Tex which are waterproof and breathable.

The boots you will wear are very important. If you have new shoes or boots you have to wear them at least three days before the activity, so you can realize if they are confortable or not. This way we will avoid accidents and wounds. We recommend you to wear boots to protect the ankles.

It is imperative to use of sunscreen, sunglasses and sun hut. The use of thin gloves can be useful on the ice. It is recommended to wear waterproof jacket in case of rain.

It is important that each member carries his own small backpack with one liter of water each. Inside the glacier you can fill your bottle with pure glacial water. In the same way if you feel hot, you can keep your belongings, without having to carry things in your hand.

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$70,000 CLP per person